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Softhatch is about precision. Our disciplined approach to product engineering means that you can rely on us to transform your product or product idea into delightful and useful product experiences for all of your users, all of the time. Consisting of strong technical leadership, top tier engineering talent, and experienced product visionaries—Softhatch is product-centric from the ground up.

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What makes us different

Product Management Included

Product management is the nucleus of our product development process. Our Product Managers enable product success from ideation to implementation. Big picture product management thinking produces products that unify a central vision from end-to-end. Since every product receives CTO services, there is no reason to have any technical knowledge when working with us. Our product managers are startup experts, and serious engineers in their own right. Our mantra: Build products that users want.

Aligned Incentives

With Softhatch partnerships incentives are aligned. We have nothing to gain from increasing billable hours or cutting corners. When our partners win we all win.

Subscription Billing

We bill monthly for a consistent development velocity. There are never any surprises. Pay only for product value and nothing else.

Disruptive Products

Building valuable products is hard, but at Softhatch we don’t cut corners. Need to scale to millions of users without breaking the bank? No problem. Need the latest in AI or machine learning to give your product an edge? We can do that too. Sometimes its the interface that matters the most. Our product designers and frontend engineers lead industry standards to create brilliant user experiences.


Many teams claim to be Agile, but few truly are. Fixed-fee/hourly engagements are not agile, and most teams work with waterfall-style contracts. We practice agile billing, which empowers our approach. We deliver value on every iteration, and can take integrate user feedback in as little as one week.


We believe in teams, not freelance marketplaces. Building is easy, but building the right thing is hard. Teamwork ensures consistency of engineering quality and design. Our product managers are always with our teams, because we believe the spirit of product management is collaboration.


Silicon Valley culture has a broad reach. We build global teams to access the best talent internationally. Global teams empower culturally aware design and multiple perspectives, which in turn empowers the product’s market differentiation.

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    Rigorous problem solving and modern technology—that's The Softhatch Way. We build sustainable partnerships by actualizing solutions that scale long after the MVP. Work with us for industry leading product development and CTO services like sprint planning, roadmapping, product management, agile planning, and team retrospectives.

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