Our Philosophy

These are our guiding principles.


At Softhatch we think a lot about what makes a startup successful, and how we can help them succeed. Startups face a complex interplay of various dynamics – some predictable, and others not. All we can do is be a reliable factor of success, and help to reduce unpredictability wherever possible.

At heart, we are scientists and engineers. We believe in the power of technology to innovate and disrupt markets. However, this belief comes with the caveat that the technology needs to first be given a chance to flourish, and that opportunity is often not afforded by scientists and engineers, but by very passionate individuals with domain expertise and a cohesive vision for the future. We offer these visionaries a solid foundation in exchange for a partnership.

Fundamentally, there is something wrong about how technology companies are built. Startup founders are usually forced to either find a technical co-founder or attempt to trust a development shop to be benevolent. Unfortunately, bringing on a technical co-founder carries an enormous amount of risk, and the development shops are almost never incentivized to build the product the startup actually needs. What startups need is experienced technical leaders that are truly committed to the success of the project.

Ultimately, there is a reproducible process in the development of a successful product. This process – this foundation – is what we excel at providing. We may not be able to control every variable of a startup’s success, but we can provide technical leadership, world-class product development, a support network, and the wisdom acquired from experience. We are Softhatch, and we are democratizing technology. Let’s build great things together.